• Anel van Dyk

Newborn shoot? You got this, mamma.

Dealing with a newborn, especially if he/she is your first can be daunting, even overwhelming, but that shouldn't deter you from booking your newborn shoot and capturing this literal once in a lifetime experience.

If this isn't your first child you will know just how quickly they sprout and become their own little person. Every mother will tell you how mom and baby are essentially the same entity for the majority of your first year together after birth. And they are right.

Having a new baby in the house is a big adjustment for the entire family and it can get stressful at times. Severe sleep deprivation can bring out the worst in you and you might not feel pretty or simply don't have the energy to 'entertain' your photographer, and that is exactly why should take full advantage of this extra guest in your house. Let someone else take the reigns for a bit and put your feet up. Go brush your teeth before noon for a change. Make a cup of tea and enjoy it while it is still warm without a little growth spurt attached to your lactating boobs.

Babies produce more poop than the milk they consume and can be sick all over you, not just on a small inconspicuous part at the bottom of your pants where no one will notice it except the dog, but literally from the neck down. Rest assured, newborn photographers have seen it all. Baby poop, as toxic as it can be, we are immune to it - it's part of our superpowers. Just like you have a ready-packed nappy bag to grab at a moment's notice, we too have the adult equivalent of a nappy bag just in case we need it.

You can make your not-so-glamorous face part of the theme for the shoot by opting for a lifestyle shoot instead of a styled shoot. Take photos in your pajamas and bed hair tied in a messy bun. Toothbrush in one hand and milk bottle in the other. You name it, we can work with whatever you throw at us (except nappies, that we don't do). The more comfortable you are the easier the shoot will be creating better photos. I am sure if it will put you at ease your photographer might completely be up to the idea of doing a shoot in her/his pajamas as well!

This is your day with your growing family and you will be grateful you took the time to have these photo's taken. Even if you felt cringe-worthy at the time, these make the best memories to look back on.