• Anel van Dyk

I am not the photographer for you.

A simple fact is that a square peg does not fit in a round hole as with everything else in life. Elke pot het sy deksel and I might not be it, here's why.

1. Price

I have no problem working with a payment plan, but, unlike so many other photographers trying to make it in this industry, I am not going to give my services away for almost nothing. You pay cheap for cheap, not for premium. That brings me to point #2.

2. Service

What do you expect from your photographer? If you pay R400 for 400 photos then that is ALL you're going to get. A boatload of photos on a usb, somewhere forgotten in a drawer. And dare I mention that technology fail and all those photos will be lost. But when you pay a little more you get a little more, and you should. I walk you through the entire process. How difficult can it possibly be to show up and smile? I hear you say. Let me tell you, there's a science behind it.

3. The Process

I discuss what you want and don't want. Which poses are absolute must-haves so I can ensure you get the best shots from the day. I discuss the location and what time of day works best for your location as well as the type of photos you want. We'll go over wardrobe colours so you and your family look co-ordinated and not like some cheap commercial, and which colours and patterns to absolutely avoid. (And everytime a family shows up wearing crisp white shirts and blue jeans, somewhere a good photographer dies).

4. Products

There is no greater disservice than a photographer not advising their client on the final products of their shoot. And this should be discussed at your pre-shoot meeting. You might think an A3 canvas on your big open wall will look just fine, but really seeing a sample size will show you that it gets lost within the open space. Maybe an arrangement of smaller frames will fill the space better, or perhaps choosing one size bigger will suffice.

5. Why even bother with wall art?

It doesn't have to be. It can be an album, a puzzle, a single photo stuck to your fridge. The whole point of booking a shoot is to capture a brief moment while you can, and then enjoying that moment every time you walk passed it.

Does your photographer walk with you or leave you to your own devises?