• Anel van Dyk

Baby Christopher's photo shoot in the park

With it being in the middle of summer, rain threatened to pour almost every day, this morning being no exception. We had to reschedule once before because of the rain so I really prayed that the rain would stay away long enough for the shoot to commence and conclude without incidence. And as prayers go, mine was answered!

The shoot took place at the Pretoria Botanical Gardens and unbeknownst to me they had a fun-run scheduled for the morning. We worked in our daily exercise ourselves by dodging runners, who more than once threw a spanner in the works by resting were I planned to shoot, and required some quick thinking and excellent navigational skills o get us to a runner-free zone.

The rest of the morning went passed without a hitch and this little guy was so quiet, he never even made a peep. He was pushed to his absolute limit and quietly fell asleep allowing me to take the last few photos of the day.

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