• Anel van Dyk

Not so much Cabin fever

This was taken in the not so sunny South Africa we all know and love but rather a dull and dreary day with grey skies threatening to engulf the day.

We were all cooped up indoors, and for those who have small kids know that his is no small feat, keeping little ones busy and entertained and out of each others hair can get quite challenging. And that is where creative parenting come in!

Here I played with my daughter in her room, or rather, seized the opportunity and captured photos while she played. She kept us both entertained switching between building puzzles and drawing. It's a little bit of stepping out of my parenting role and a little bit enjoying my parenting role.

I'm a big fan of learning through play, often becoming the canvas myself, being displayed for many days later as I can't always get the inks washed off. #thankyou long pants!

#Naturallightphotography #Toddlerphotography