Frequently asked questions

Where will the shoot take place?

Where ever you want to, it can be done at your house or a location of your choosing.

Do you work in a studio setting?

No. Simply because I don't have a studio as I want to capture your true personality where you are most at ease so I bring my studio to you. This is especially true for young children and new born babies where they can stay in their familiar surroundings, not to mention that you just had a baby. I also prefer natural light much more that studio lighting as it brings out the natural element in everyone.

Can we meet before a photo shoot?

Absolutely. In fact, I insist on it. I prefer meeting my clients before a shoot so that we can discuss specific requirements and answer any questions you might have. During these meetings I also provide you with an exclusive guide specific to the type of shoot you want to book that will cover everything from what to expect during your session through to collection of your albums and prints.

What should I wear?

That depends on the weather, the location and the occasion. Each type of shoot has it's own character and it depends on your personal style. Keep the location in mind. Photos are done sitting, lying down and jumping to name just a few so wear clothing that will allow you to move. Also bring an extra set of clothing if you want to do a wardrobe change, especially for any small children that will accompany you on the shoot - we all know how quickly dirt is attracted to kids. For family or group sessions it is a good idea to have some sort of theme and that the colours don't clash with each other. Don't go for the matchy-matchy look but rather coordinate your clothing to fit the theme of the photos, if you want a relaxed family photo session then everyone needs to wear comfortable clothing they feel relaxed in. If you want something a bit more formal ensure that everyone looks their best. Choose colours that compliment each other like similar tones and colours that form part of the same family. In the Exclusive Photography Guide I provide a few colour schemes to use as a guide line. Plain coloured shirts and jeans are always a good option, but if you want to rock an outdoor shoot in killer heels I wont stand in your way.

Do you provide hair and make-up?

No, that is not where my talents lie. As my style of photography is very relaxed and natural you don't need to be dolled up for the shoots unless you really want to be. I do recommend some basic make-up such as mascara and lipstick though.

What if it rains?

Then we get a little wet. Throw on your gumboots, grab an umbrella, bring some hot coco and we'll make a splash! Understandably wet weather isn't everyone's forte so reschedule for sunnier days if that's more your style or we can move things inside.

Who will be present at the photo session?

You and anyone you want to bring with. I sometimes make use of an assistant although I prefer to go solo but I will inform you beforehand if an assistant will be joining us. For sessions that are more sensual it will only be me.

What if I am shy?

Not a problem, sometimes you get the best photos from the more reserved person as they are not trying to create the best shot, they merely are themselves and simply create the shot without trying. Most people don't like being in front of the camera and I am one of them so I work around this and it makes the photo shoot that much more creative.

Structured or candid?

I prefer candid shots as you get the most genuine expressions from people and that is ultimately what I want to capture, the essence of you, but I will guide you through the process to make it seem effortless.

Will the photos be retouched?

Yes, but only a little. It is all about bringing out the best of the photo so small adjustments to the contrast or exposure etc might be made while keeping everything else natural and true.

When will I receive my photos?

That depends on what you order. You will receive the photos within 3 weeks of approving the digital copies although it can take an extra week to receive a printed album as these are specially hand made with great care.