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18 Mar 2019

What a fun family shoot at the Morelleta Nature Reserve! Not a 1st birthday shoot but a celebration of this very important milestone in their lives.

28 Oct 2018

I was lucky enough to be present at this little champs christening and was invited along again to celebrate his very first birthday! I was so excited!

14 Oct 2018

The happy couple had a very intimate wedding at their house for their closest friends and family but it couldn't go without the usual wedding antics.

19 Jul 2018

We can't all have a photographer on stand by to capture everyday moments between loved ones, that's why we invest in camera phones (and carry it around with us religiously). Lets face it, having a built in camera in your phone is simply A-MAI-ZING! And the cameras that the generous cell phone developers include with your smartphone is top notch. 

Now, all the brilliant tech in the world can't guarantee a good shot so I have assembled a short list of basic know-hows that will improve your photography. 

1. Sun or shade?

Check where your light is coming from. Having midday su...

4 Jun 2018

Indoor newborn photography

28 May 2018

The baptism took place inside a 100 year old stone church.