About Me

When I became a mother, I became a photographer

My Why

I grew up on a farm in a valley close to the Magalies Mountain range where a love for life and all things beautiful was nurtured.


Although I've always been a creative spirit and enjoyed taking photos, my love for photography really took hold after the birth of my daughter and this yearning to capture every moment of her growing up. Although I thoroughly enjoyed taking photos it’s only after the birth of my son that I realized that this is where I want to be and I truly love being behind the lens.


Growing up there were very few photos taken of us as a family, individually or together. Now that I'm a mother I want to give other parents the opportunity I never had - to have professional photos taken with your growing family. I'm absolutely passionate about capturing family moments with all your unique personalities and give you an amazing experience to adorn your walls with.

My quirks 

You're likely to find me with a cold cup of tea next to me as I can never seem to finish it while it's still warm, and my nose buried in at least one book with several waiting on my nightstand.

I'm mostly known for my total obsession with gaining knowledge on absolutely everything and I'm a profusion of random facts you'll probably never need, Google is my friend and I refer to it often. But I'm also known for making the absolute best chocolate mug cake and firmly believe that chocolate really does solve everything. 

I moved from the farm life to the big city and my tendencies to give stray cats a home traveled with me. Nature and the creatures that share our home stays close to my heart. Here I fell in love with my husband who is the most supportive, funny and sincere person I've ever met and he understands my quirky, free-spirited ways like no other.

I hope to teach our two kids the value and beauty of life, to cherish and preserve every moment, and if you can't, take photos.

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